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1. Greater affluence

So Shift workers get ignored by most churches in America. I lived in several states and this is the new trend in churches. I wonder what Jesus thinks about ministers abandoning a whole segment of the population for convenience sake? I mean why are many places building seat, seat buildings and then only using it one day a week for barely 90 minutes? Why are people giving to that?

It helps no one but the average family with money. When we bring this issue up with pastors they just shrug it off.

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It is become a business only open one day a week…. IMO, most of the reasons listed for declining attendance by committed church attenders are mistaken. There are two reasons listed that are significant — online options and self-directed spirituality. People actually want and need the truth and the loving encouragement, exhortation, and, yes, even rebuke to be fed and grow spiritually.

I think this problem lies at both ends of the spectrum: MTD and PC of thr left and neo-pharisaism of the mean-spirited religious right. The Church doors are just a convience that God provides to make our lives easier to gather because Jews still went to the Synagogues and believers gathered were ever they could.

Use us, is an understatement. Most importantly church manages to make boring and pedestrian the gospel… how one takes awesomeness of Jesus and reduces it so, is mind boggling. I agree.. I go to church to participate in Worship and not just sit like a bump on a log.

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We need to get rid of worship teams and choirs. This comment is dead on. While I am a committed and highly involved member of my church, so much of what we do is geared to performance by professionals — choir, worship leader, pastor. Most modern churches are designed to prevent the average person in the pews from being involved in a truly meaningful way — they are just supposed to be passive, obedient servants who follow the dictates of their spiritual betters.

This is so wrong, and such a violation of scripture. Guilt , Shame and disappointment is their main motivational sermons and what mind boggling is that they disguise it through out the sermon in scriptural precepts and everyone sees right through this, Church is no longer spiritually safe. But I experienced more unkindness from this Church and hard to warm up to group, ever. I have 5 kids, and recently had to miss 5 out of 6 consecutive weeks of church because we had a round of colds going through the house. I would have been happy to take them late and just go to the service, but we only have one car and my husband teaches Sunday School, so I ended up staying home with the sick-kid-of-the-week.

2. Higher focus on kids’ activities

I know in our case, our son absolutely hates going to our youth group because he is not being included. He was being excluded because of costs. We were paying for his non-church friends to go to activities with him so he would have a friend at the activities. Our two former youth ministers just did not get the other kids to include those on the fringes.

Plain and simple. Several other friends of ours went through the same thing with their kids. We even talked to the youth ministers. Very frustrating! Our son was close to being baptized, now he wants nothing to do with church, who excludes him. The same old programs unfulfilled endless small groups and programs.

They expect people to be in Church when it should be the Church going out to them and most of your Christian people are not to intelligent why would the world would want to come to Church except a very small few, when they hate us as they did Christ. Many Christians, I hate to admit this are lazy!

OSHO: My God! There Is No God!

When people leave Church is not always because they leave Christ, they leave Church to find Christ. We are currently working on a monthly newsletter and we would like your permission to have the first few sentences of this article with a link to your website included in the newsletter.

Our newsletter is a way to encourage our ministers with our own blogs and with articles that we believe could be an effective ministry tool for them. But, the average church attendee only makes it to church twice a month. So on any given Sunday, you are missing one-half to two-thirds of the people who you want to hear […].

A youth group […]. We have lost our authenticity, our message, our purpose, and our depth. Therefore, we try every gimmick in the book including some that are so over the top they are too embarrassing to mention. So, people are leaving it. I know this not only from personal experience, but from the countless number of people I have spoken with concerning this very issue. So… 1 Stop treating church like a business. I agree with Marc. I have witnessed that even in the church we planted a few years ago.

To go back to the reasons people leave, I suggest testing the core of the matter by asking the affluent, travelers, blended families and others listed under reasons for less church attendance why they really stay away. I carve out time that I keep guarded to ensure my family gets my attention and I get theirs so we can be there for each other, relate, love, share. When we make attendance, growth rates and other KPI part of the motivation, we run a business.

While measuring is good to assess shifts and look for reasons, it is an entirely different subject to make such items the goal. Attend daily chapel time was required.

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Now that same College want to build mature adults. To attend chapel is not required anymore. I was on campus of that College. During meals I asked students which church they attend. I will not forget that one guy who could not give me an answer, since he attends very irregular any church. The negative influence of that former Bible College shows its fruits.

RE: 8. Worship is about God … right? There was no Gospel. And since it is the Gospel that is power of God unto salvation, there was a lot of false conversions that took place. So many churches that were made up of uncovered members, saw those unconverted members become unconverted leaders, who replicated the process and made disciples of themselves rather than disciples of Jesus.

This is an extremely judgmental and frankly wrong assumption. It jumps right to the worst case and lumps everyone in the fallen away camp. Even churches in the Bible are social gatherings where fellowship is the central exercise of worship. Many people hunger and thirst for righteousness but find themselves put off by different churches for various reasons. We are seeing a falling away from the centrality of Sunday morning services as a regular practice. Even in my household, we attend once or twice a month, but are in regular fellowship with believers and exercising our spiritual gifts encouraging and blessing other believers and the unbelievers in our community.

Do we miss church when not there? Are we backsliders because we are not weekly attenders? On the 9th point, I think this is probably the biggest reason we see decline. If that is happening something is off. If your measuring success by the of new people walking through the front door and not recognizing the ones walking out the back, you have a problem.

I am finding that all church services in my district are getting earlier and earlier, and that in an elderly community!