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Bye Bye Big Brother Vol 3

And then there were three Black Emperor - Yanqui U. E Incubus - S. Geils Band J. Cale - Number 10 J. Bach - Masters of Classical Music, Vol. Joe Jackson - Look Sharp! John Fogerty - Centerfield John G.

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So What! Lastly we have a couple of short takes with howlerbros, hangtenmagazine and the Nine Foot and Single event by deustemple.

So sit back and we are glad to be back in your eardrums yo. We are back at it once again party people. Sitting down with us this time is none other than River Covey rivercovey and we talk about surfing at San O, working as a sushi chef and the similarities between surfing and music. We also address the Relik drama surf.

Lastly we have some short takes with The Electric Acid Surfboard Test by stab featuring stephaniegilmore, Lograp the movie and a clip of mr.

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So sit back and get into the groove of some tracks not expected here and some politicing y'all have come to expect. We got a special joint for all of y'all as we sit down with surfboard shaper Ryan Lovelace as he tells us about his beginnings in shaping, what he's learned along the way and how important hand done craft should be. We also sit down with new WSL longboard tour director, our homie, Devon Howard as he drops the on what's going on with the tour.

What is up party people, we are back with a dope episode for your eardrums. This episode we sit down with our homegirl Makala Smith shredsista. We politic about surfing in the coalition events, the Doheny pecking order and being a woman in surfing. We also got some short takes with thomascampbellart, andreacolemanphoto, torrenmartyn and moonwetsuits. So sit back and spark one for this nice ladies driven episode of the podcast. This project took five years to complete.

Bye Bye Big Brother Vol 2

Together with a small, select group of like-minded individuals who understood their vision, the project made them all a great deal wealthier. The team included elite lawyers and chartered accountants, taxation and asset protection experts, top financial gurus, civil rights activists, and several self-made multi-millionaires. Last update: Posing the only real threat to today's happy scene are the politicians. In their grim global rebellion against the truth of time. They don scarecrow costumes of false disasters such as climate change, trade gap trumpery, debt doom or middle-class woe.

They scowl and leer and demand more power.